[Activity 2] Animate a Name


Thanks for showing me how to use some blocks I hadn’t seen yet, very cool!


The 2nd one, wow - mind blown on how you did that!


This was very fun to make! : )


This is my first time using Scratch. I like how easy it is to create complex behaviors from simple interactions. I made one letter and then dragged code from that onto the next sprite, updating the location. Some of the letters exhibit what I like to call “good enough” behavior.


Animated my Scratch name


Thanks! They are modelled to be repelled by the other letters, as well as by the walls. Somewhat tricky, but very fun once once you have the idea :smiley:


Here is my animatation!! I hope you engoy it I engoyed yours…


Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello everibody,

The link for my animated name project.






Here is an animation of my name inspired by graffiti:


Here is a link to My Name Animation on Scratch. I kept it pretty simple while first learning it and used a nickname instead of my full name. I had all these grand ideas of how I wanted to make my name move and change and found that maybe sometimes baby steps are better to start with.


Hi everyone, my animation is here
Enjoy the music.


Hello, everyone.

Please check out my animation project. It was fun to experiment with different ideas and see immediate results.


I like how your animation engaged me in a game of hide and seek.


Hi all,
Check out this link to see my name animated


Hi all,
Check out the link on my name being animated.


Love the umbrella! Such a fun project!


I love that you animated your class name! The athletic cats are great! :smile: