[Activity 2] Animate a Name


Welcome to week 2 activity!

This week, you’ll learn how to make a Scratch project to animate the letters of your name — or any other word you like!

Activity steps

  1. Open the Animate a Name activity on Scratch
  2. Make your own project by following the tutorial (or download the activity cards). Feel free to try your own variation!
  3. Share your project on the Scratch website (create a Scratch account if you’re new to the community).
  4. Share a link to your Scratch project here, and describe your experience of making it, by replying to this post

Second round here?
If you are doing this activity for the second time, try to experiment with different things! You can create a new project animating your name in a different way, choosing a different word to play with, or you can go back to your previous project to keep working on it!

Need help with Scratch?
Use the Scratch forum category to share resources, ask questions, and support each other!

Other options
If you prefer, you can also make and animate a name using different materials and media other than Scratch. Check out these videos for extra inspiration: Eric, Colby, Yumiko, Carmelo

Looking forward to trying your projects, and learning about your creative process!

A version of this post is also available in Italiano, Português, Español (Spanish), 日本語 (Japanese), עברית (Hebrew)

Week Two Project

Hello Everyone,

I have shared my scratch project link below,

Working with scratch was an exciting task and I am glad to animate my name using scratch.


Working with this scratch is very interesting . I am very happy to animate my name in this scratch. I hope you like it.


I tried to make my animate name, I hope you like it.

[My animated name]


Scratch è simpatico!


Well here goes!


Here is my animate a name project. :slight_smile:


Le comento mientras lo hacia mi niño estaba algo inquieto entonces lo puse a el que realizara su nombre y lo animara este fue el resultado:


I hope you like my project.Its a very interesting platform to work with it.


Hi all,
I have shared my scratch project with you…I loved to animate my name with colorfull animation…I hope you people like my project.


I had fun! This is the result, My name is Karla


Que lindo!


A lot to improve! It would be glad to recieve comments and suggestions haha




Quedo muy bien


The guitar theme was cool :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I hope you all will enjoy my project .



  <iframe allowtransparency="true" width="485" height="402" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I still need a lot more practice with this to work out what each instruction will do .


I propose an animation of the name of my grade 6 elementary school (students aged 11-12) in Quebec.
La classe 603.