[Activity 1] Childhood Objects



The objects that I remember are the “chiodini”. I liked to make images of landscapes


imagem Me lembrei de alguns brinquedos que tive na minha infância e que foram bastante significativos para mim, desde bonecas de papel à tampinhas de personagens da Disney que colecionava, até mesmo a coleção de selos que tive, mas desde meus 7 ou 8 anos, comecei a ganhar livros infantis, quando comecei a ler, e meus tios tinham uma coleção chamada Vovô Felicio, onde passei muito tempo da minha infância viajando nas varias estórias contidas nesses livros. Vejo hoje, como isso me ajudou na construção do meu conhecimento, e na habilidade que tenho de escrever projetos.


A Series of Unfortunate Events! I remember how happy I was when my parents gave me this on my birthday. As a child I spent lots of hours after class at the school’s library and I would often win the monthly reading contest my school held to encourage kids to read. And this series was personally special because I loved the mystery, I loved Violet’s ability to create new things every time and I loved walking into my bedroom and seeing the bright colors on my shelf. It certainly had something to do with the fact that to this day I love mystery books/movies/tv shows and that I grew up as a creative person. It was also the first time I read a complete book series written in English and it assured me of my passion for learning new languages,


Hi Lily, sorry I’m replying very late the reason behind this is that I was doing my thesis and unfortunately couldn’t keep up with LCL. Well playing with fabrics and sewing affected my learning and ideas in many ways. Fabric material is a flexible and safe material, I would say its a good material for child learning and tinkering . I think fabric affected part of my motor skills and fast prototyping skills. Right now I enjoy designing educational and playful tools for children, as a result childhood memories inspire me a lot.


Hi Diba, there’s no need to apologize, we encourage participating in LCL at whatever pace/amount works for you! :slight_smile: Hope that your thesis work went well! Great to hear about how sewing influenced your learning, I also appreciate your comments about how flexible and safe fabric is, a wonderfully expressive, accessible, and tangible medium. Recently at the Scratch Conference here at MIT some participants were experimenting with Turtlestitch, a blocks-based programming language for embroidery, thought you might find it interesting! (photo from Turtlestitch website)


Questa lavagna ha fatto parte della mia infanzia, occupando molti dei miei pomeriggi. Ho consumato molti gessetti e intrapreso lezioni di alta filosofia davanti ai miei alunni - peluches. Oggi che sono insegnante da 18 anni, mi rendo conto di come avessi le idee chiare fin da piccola. Sono stata fortunata a fare quello che mi piace. Adoro questo lavoro e cerco sempre di migliorarmi.


As a child, I loved to draw and sketch whatever I saw. i used to make cartoons as seen in the newspaper as well as family portraits from photographs. My first portrait sketch was at the age of 5 which I copied from a newspaper.My parents did not believe that I made it. I loved to dream about magical things: angels and fairies and believed that they were true! I still believe in magic and stories.


Olá! Nasci no final da década de 60 e na minha infância os objetos eram bem simples! As brincadeiras costumavam ser ao ar livre, no quintal de casa ou na rua com primos e amigos… A invenção e a criatividade estavam presentes em todas as brincadeiras, pois interagíamos com a natureza e objetos do cotidiano, não era comum ganhar brinquedos que tivessem um custo muito elevado.
Mas… quando fiz oito anos ganhei a boneca “Lala e Lulu” de presente dos meus pais e fiquei absolutamente encantada com a possibilidade de um brinquedo ganhar vida, ter voz e andar. Brinquei tanto com essa boneca e seu cachorrinho que me deram tanta alegria e me levaram a pensar em maneiras para “dar vida” a outros brinquedos.
Dá para ver a tal boneca em movimento pelo youtube:


Sharing picture of an aircraft, could not find the wooden model of it.

In my childhood, I was very fascinated to make models wooden fighter planes. Since, I was staying in Airforce base, I use to regularly observe the planes - trainee pilots practice. And in the exhibitions, I use to see posters of different models of fighter planes and tried understanding how they function etc. Based on my observation, I use to make wooden models of aircrafts. The process of making wooden air crafts use to be highly engaging, it involved selection of wood, chipping, cutting, colouring etc. Working with hands, using different tools and trying to find ways of fixing things was fun and engaging. Designing these models was useful to understand difference of various aircrafts and how they function differently. I think such activities have helped me to keep always active for hands-on activities and helped me in designing some TLMs for students and teachers.


My mom had a desktop at home back in the 80s for her work (small software company in the Midwest). I would be 5 or 6 years old (around 1987) and would get to learn how to play with DOS.

I was a sucker for the word processing program WordPerfect which I recall in 2 different versions, Black background with yellow text and then later, blue background with White Text.

I would write stories about whatever involved robots and ninjas, and then later got into Video Games, and would type up things I remember from playing them to create my own cheat guides. I’d then print them off on a really loud dot matrix printer with perforated pages, and make them into books by gluing them to construction paper and then posting them into small booklet binders that my mom let me take from her little office.dc980a567f04570b7b4d18c4fdf32eb6d67ef588_1_690x345