[Activity 1] Childhood Objects


When I was about seven my mother used to spend most of her time on making clothes and working with fabrics and sewing machine. I loved to try the swing machine but I wasn’t allowed instead she thought me to use fabric and needle. As I saw my mom working in this way I also liked to make clothes for my dolls and this activity made me feel useful and creative. It was an opportunity to express my ideas and apply them on my dolls which where important to me. This led me even to making some home spaces like kitchen or yard out of cardboard.

I unfortunately don’t any pictures from the clothes I made for my dolls but this picture is from my mom’s sewing machine which was my wish to work with it.


What a great memory! I resonated with your recollection of the pride in being handed a tool, and fixing something myself as a child. I really found that even without much instruction, being granted that agency (and trust) motivated me to try building. How were your experiences of watching your father, helping your father, and working yourself different in terms of learning?


Beautiful! How do you think this affected your learning later on (and what kinds of things you enjoy doing, and ways of expressing your ideas)?


Hi Lily, Thank you for your comments. When I watched my father work, I could see how happy he was focusing on a mechanical problem, oblivious to his surroundings. When he arrived at a solution, I would see a smile on his face that seemed matched only by his listening to classical music. In those moments, I felt proud that my dad could fix anything. I wanted to be like my father, so I believe he inspired me to be a problem solver. When I did help him, I felt very grown up reaching for tools I could identify. -and sometimes suggest he use! My dad would sometimes ask my opinion on what I thought about a problem. At first, I had no idea. My dad would ask me to guess. He would then explain how a car worked and then ask me to guess again. I enjoyed this guessing game! I felt my dad valued my opinion. In retrospect, he taught me to come up with a theory, test it out and see what happens. If it did not lead to a solution, I would learn what didn’t work and then I would try something else. This process taught me to stay with a problem longer and enjoy learning in the process.


Being a bit late to the game, but had such a fun time looking through everyone’s childhood objects that I want to contribute.


One of my favorite “toys” was foam mattresses. My grandpa built his own house which was fairly large. In the basement there was dozens of foam mattresses because me and my other 7 cousins needed somewhere to sleep over Christmas and other occasions. Together with my cousins, we used to arrange mattresses, blankets, pillows, sometimes even beds or sofas into houses, caves or fortresses. We would crawl around in our structures for hours, make up stories and improve the structures. As we grew up, we went on to build tree houses outside grandpas house. In Swedish, we call these improvised and often cozy structures “koja” (applies for mattress buildings and wooden tree houses too).


from my childhood I remember my dolls and the games of lego, with which my sisters and I deverted, building houses and parks with the legos to play with our dolls. We learned the order and care of things.


My childhood object was clay. I played to contruct spaceships, armors what my imagination allowed me. Great memories I have about that… specially with a yellow toy =)


OBJECT: iMac with Photoshop’s Digital Tools
As a child with a disability, my ability to understand and be understood was confounded for large periods of time. During which, I spent hours on my iMac tinkering on Photoshop. Learning to express thoughts and feelings through digital design.


There was a huge white closet in my house when I was young.
It was a just ordinary closet you could easily find anywhere, but for me it always inspired creativity in me.
My sister and I, we drew lots of imaginary animals and princesses who were kidnapped by evil monsters.

After reading week 1 article, I think the way my sister and I played with white closet was really similar to the creative learning spiral. We imagined things made us exciting and drew them on the white closet. After that, we started new stories based on the previous one.

I tried to find the closet picture, but I could not because my family moved a lot so far.
Instead, I googled a similar closet with a mass of scribbles by kids like me.
Let me share it and the source of the picture.

Picture URL :


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Hi Ritalove, it is nice to meet you. I am also interested in discussing with you.
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I am always happy to discuss with others who have passion in creative learning and learning process.
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The object that is more strongly stored in my memories from early childhood is a simple tractor, bulldozer style, I made using paperboard, glue and scissors (the picture attached illustrates more or less how it looked like). I’m not sure how old I was (4 or 5), but I still remember the tractor’s color (light green), the detailed cuttings I made for its blade and the great success it had with the adults around (my parents and their friends), who asked me to build more units to give to other kids.
I believe the biggest influence this object/experience had in my life was to start my passion for creating things. The process of creating something is always a great experience for me, given how much I learn and how good I feel after overcoming the inevitable challenges to make it work. In making that little paper tractor I felt so good that I just couldn’t stop creating/inventing/making anymore.


I guess the childhood object that I’d pick would be my tape recorder and/or walkmen ( I had 3 coz I overused everytime till it broke down!!!). I was really big with music when I was little. In fact, when I was a baby, I would already respond to tunes by sleeping only when my mom sang a certain Spanish song to me, identifying which commercials played what tunes, and swaying my body depending on the speed of a tune. I enjoyed music and singing when I was growing up and that was my main recreational activity growing up. There were kids who loved music in my school too, so we shared about our favorite artists, their songs, etc. Growing up, I began to have a diverse diet of music, and taste in music videos. I would really be so critical of music videos with how they accurately represented certain songs! I was around 8 years old and went on until I was in high school.

Being exposed to all sorts of music made me even more receptive of new types of music as I grew older, and I also became critical in terms of the quality of songs being produced then and now. I then identified artists who were genuinely innovative, and those who were just following the recipe book. I also became observant of the trends that were present in music videos. I realized that people were more innovative in the past compared to now. Music has truly evolved with the evolution of technology, and it’s proof that crossovers between things are totally okay. You’ll neve know, two genres of music actually blend perfectly together, and born a new type of genre. Everything’s more fluid now and even if it sometimes makes learning scary and confusing, it also makes it exciting, and more experimental.

I still love music. Usually I can create narratives and/or come up with novel ideas when listening to music. Pretending they’re the soundtrack of the narrative, a specific scene, a future scene of a future goal I am aiming to achieve. I’ve just realized this while writing for this assignment! Music is the greatest enabler for me. Next are visuals, or aesthetics (thus, the music, then the music videos). :slight_smile:


My mom had a desktop at home back in the 80s for her work (small software company in the Midwest). I would be 5 or 6 years old (around 1987) and would get to learn how to play with DOS.

I was a sucker for the word processing program WordPerfect which I recall in 2 different versions, Black background with yellow text and then later, blue background with White Text.

I would write stories about whatever involved robots and ninjas, and then later got into Video Games, and would type up things I remember from playing them to create my own cheat guides. I’d then print them off on a really loud dot matrix printer with perforated pages, and make them into books by gluing them to construction paper and then posting them into small booklet binders that my mom let me take from her little office.


Cards were a big part of my life as a child. I grew up surrounded by a large extended family (on my fathers side) and it was normal for the aunties, uncles, nannies and grandfathers to pull out a pack of cards to play euchre or 500. I also used to spend holidays with my mums parents and they taught me to play bridge and patience when I was 4. What started as watching and enjoying them cackling, table talking and just having a good time, soon lead to joining in on the fun and strategizing individually and as a team.



Peta Peta Block
I was building a robot everyday in this block until I entered kindergarten.When I memorize something, I think with pictures and figures.


This is a beautiful thread. I remember playing outside and making a lot of mud pies with the neighbor down the street. Then I spent a lot of time as a slightly older child (8-10?) playing a game called InterPlay– it was a strategy game (not the video game) that I played for HOURS. I also spent a lot of time maybe from 10-12 making dollhouse furniture for my dollhouse. I loved taking things like matchboxes/old thread wheels, etc., and making them into something new for the doll house.


The object that comes to mind right away is a blank cassette tape. My next door neighbor and I would spend hours recording our own radio show complete with jokes, stories, and singing popular songs from that time (I seem to remember one of them being Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins). We listened to these tapes over and over and laughed so much especially when we listened to them later down the road when we were in high school. This type of play created many good memories for us and to this day I think both of us are pretty good communicators.


My dad had a lot of personal cards that he used to giveaway to people. He is a driving teacher. When I was younger, I see that cards as pieces of everything. I already painted my own deck of Yu-Gi-Oh and made a kind of stickers album, using the white back of the cards. Also any type of paper served me as a spark of ideas. I tried to make recycled paper with journal sheets, paper mache with toilet paper and so on hahahahah


Talvez esse também tenha sido um dos objetos da infância. Este objeto me marcou bastante, pois eu gostaria muito de ter tido, mas somente algumas das minhas amigas tinham. Eu adorava poder brincar com ele.