About the Week 3 - Passion category


This week we explore motivation in learning, along with strategies to engage people in meaningful experiences


So, here I am again for “questions time” :smiley:
Passion is a brilliant thing! It drives us in almost every field of our life. The main thing, though, is to be able to combine passion with the ability to plan and execute projects… otherwise we will end up passionately all over the place with nothing done… :stuck_out_tongue:
The beauty of passion is that it is slightly contagious. If you are passionate and excited about a topic, so will of your students become. It can melt even to most cynical and sceptical of them all!

However, my questions to the LCL team and the group are:

  1. What are the things you are passionate about? Have they changed through the years or are there some topics or ideas that have become a constant, lifelong passion? What do you do with your passion, how do you use/develop/promote it?
  2. What do you do in times when you are not passionate about anything? Or times when you have to teach things you are not passionate about?
  3. I add something else now after listening to the interview with Natalie Rusk: I completely understand the benefits of developing passion. How do you do it in a regular school, with a set curriculum from the ministry of education, where you have to, sort of, develop the passion of the students to things that they are not passionate about (and frankly, sometimes not even you are passionate about…)

I will add my thoughts in due course. :wink: