About the Week 1 - Intro to Creative Learning category


This week includes an introduction to the course, a discussion of the Lifelong Kindergarten approach, and an opportunity to share a childhood object


When I remember an object from my childhood that interested me and influenced it, the first one that came to my mind was: a chalkboard for children! :grinning:

It was a gift from my father - a history teacher - who, from a very early age, realized in me the need to go beyond notebooks and books to be able to learn.

With this chalkboard, I used to play and also teach. I would gather my dolls around the chalkboard and "teach them” while I was also learning my homework. I gathered - not only my dolls - in one single moment: the joy of playing with the “obligation” of the homework. In a way, I can say that: I’ve aply some “gamification” to my homework, lol.

Obviously I was producing the model of teaching and learning that I received at my school in the 1980s, but this history makes me realize were some important lessons.

  • The chalkboard also is a technology and can be used in a variety of ways, allowing the teacher to go beyond traditional teaching practices.

  • The importance of teaching active methodologies to teachers in both basic and continuing academic training, since many of them, like myself, had teachers who used traditional methodologies and, due to this, to date, reproduce these practices in the classroom with your students.

  • In this process of teaching, I also learned more and better. This is an important part of the student’s role, as often as I “taught” my dolls I was also developed new ways of solving problems, new learning strategies and the content taught in school began to have a new meaning.

I finish my reflection with the inspiring story of teacher Owura Kwadwo Hottish, Ghana, in Africa, who taught classes in the subject of Information and Communication Technology. As there were no computers in the room, he had to improvise creatively and ended up using the blackboard to draw Microsoft Word to his students.

Microsoft took the dedicated teacher to Singapore, where he had an important educational event, the Microsoft Education Exchange, and there he won his own computer to help with his homework and lessons.

Isn´t that great? :woman_technologist:t4: :


Quando me lembro de um objeto da minha infância que me interessou eu me lembro de livros e consequentemente de histórias. Me lembro que um dia minha mãe me contou uma história e tinha um trecho no qual aparecia a palavra “indagou”. Eu não sabia o que era e quando perguntei minha mãe ela me disse que indagar era perguntar e eu gostei de saber que uma palavra podia ser dita de várias formas. Aos 9 anos eu li “Éramos Seis”, livro de Maria José Dupré. Na época passava uma novela baseada no livro, eu vi o livro na casa de uma tia e comecei a ler. Esse não é um livro para crianças, porém eu comecei a ler e não parei mais e percebi o quanto o livro era mais legal que a novela, pois na novela as coisas estavam prontas e no livro elas iam surgindo na minha cabeça. Assim eu resolvi escrever um livro, fui criando uma história na minha cabeça e vi o quanto isso era divertido… Assim, os livros me acompanharam por toda a infância e adolescência. Era sócia da biblioteca na qual pegava livros todas as semanas e lia, lia, lia… Ler me abriu as portas do mundo.