25 Days of Making Challenge


Hello my friends,

I hope I find you well. I had this idea over the weekend for a cool challenge where I am going to organize an event called 25 days of making. The idea is that each day on my blog starting on November 30th I will post a maker project leading up to Christmas. I like to think of it as an Advent Calendar of making. However, I am keeping all religious tones out of the conversation and just calling it 25 Days of Making.

As I was driving from one kid event to the other later that morning I started to map out a bunch of project ideas. And then I got an even better idea about bringing together all the people & products I love and admire to see if they might be interested in being a guest contributor by developing a project as part of the plan.

So, I am reaching out to you because

  1. I think there are some of you in the group who are awesomesauce

  2. I love your work

  3. I think it would be great to help others discover your work and ideas

I have created a Google Calendar where you can sign up for a day to be the featured project of the challenge. Once you are signed up I will connect with you to answer any questions. Basically, I want to see projects that a teacher could read and then implement in their classroom or makerspace. I know not everyone will have every material so we can worry about that. I would love for the ideas to inspire and somewhere through the course of the projects people start using!

I hope you find this interesting and exciting. Anything you want to develop or maybe you already have a project that you would love to use. Where I have gaps in the calendar I will fill in with my own ideas.

Here are some ideas I have either developed or planned

  1. 3D Cookie Cutter Cutouts

  2. Cardboard Gingerbread House with LED’s and motors

  3. Adafruit Circuit Playground Snowglobe

  4. 3D Print Ornaments

  5. Raspberry Pi X-Mas Lights

These are just ideas. If you were thinking of doing one of these by all means take it!

I hope you say yes and hope to work with you to make this an awesome challenge to inspire classrooms around the world.

Stay awesome and let me know your thoughts! If interested, then please send me an email at aarmau @

Some of the projects I have seen people make in this LCL are amazing.